People across our nation are hurting.

The last few years have accelerated the need for Christians to stand united in prayer.
Cities across the United States are hurting and being torn apart by evil forces designed to weaken our biblical foundations, leaving us unsure of how to pray effectively and scripturally against them.

You want to pray for your community.
But do you know how to?

We decided to get bold and loud about it

We assembled tools and resources that make praying for your city easy and effective.









We believe that short, powerful prayers throughout the day are mighty in changing a city.

Raising our voices across our nation through:

Core Prayer Groups

We have a growing number of core prayer groups in several cities. Currently, we meet regularly in Tulsa, OK; Little Rock, AR; Detroit, MI, and Seattle, WA.

Online Prayer

We know there is no distance in prayer. That’s why we get together online on a daily basis with people of prayer across the country. These sessions usually last about an hour and are open to anyone.

Conferences & Meetings

We organize conferences and prayer meetings frequently at various places to get together with other Loud Mouths to unify under the word of God and to get specific direction on how to pray.

Become a loud Mouth today

Pick a way to pray

Commit to praying every day

See your city change

Stop feeling stuck
praying for your community.

The stakes are too high.
Now is the time to raise your voice with boldness and confidence.

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